Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Blog That Got Me Busted, Sort Of.

Wow, this is a little scary, because many of you will now know just exactly how big a freak I am. Please read the entire preface before reading what comes after.

Yesterday I had a conersation that revealed a very interesting phone call that had been made because of me. The contents of the conversation are not a part of this, because I have agreed that some things that were said had validity, and further agreed to a course of action to deal with those issues.

I was mistakenly under the belief that my blog was the source of the phone call that I referenced in this facebook post.

-To the anonymous "pastor", who claimed not to know me, but was so offended by my blog that he found it necessary to look up the interim pastor of the Church I attend, who was also a stranger to him, to tell him I was unfit to serve. Please leave a comment, or call me 848-9527, or email next time. Matthew 5:23-

It was not apparently the blog, but this prophetic word that I shared with Britton Thurlow, interim pastor of The Edge and another local pastor I have known for over two decades. I had not intended to make it public, but circumstances have force my hand. This is something that came out of over a month of prayer for The Edge, up until all hours of the night, walking through my neighborhood at night, talking and listening to the Holy Spirit.

So, here's a little background. From time to time in my life, during intense times of prayer and Bible reading, I have felt compelled to write out the impressions that God has placed on my heart. Typically I hear it almost audibly and transcribe it as it occurs to me without stopping until I hear nothing more. I don't know how many peopel experience this, but I know I am not the only one. These "prophecies" or words, whatever, are generally about important decisions I am facing, or have proceeded times of volatile change in my life and contain specific, some times time oriented details, and all of them have always played out. Most of them have been for me and my family and I have not shared them. On October 11th, 2010 I wrote one of these that pertained to more than just me.

Since I do not relish the idea of claiming to be a "Prophet" (complete with my own front parking space marked with a sign reading Reserved for Prophet Morris, yes I have actually seen these) I prayed about for several days, then carefully chose someone I could trust to share it with. I then independently confirmed the things in it with another man who has received similar messages from God, he had jotted down some of the same details days previous (I know Weird, huh?) So I decided to share this with Britton Thurlow, the interim pastor of The Edge Church, as previously mentioned. He received it, as he should, with healthy skepticism and asked what I thought needed to be done about it.  Having no agenda I told him that I had no agenda, and did not know specifically what to do and we left it at that.

My other pastor friend was helping a local associate pastor walk through a situation wherein he was working to correct a detrimental behavior in the life of his own senior pastor. He had spoken with the man in private, as outlined in scripture, and had received an affirmative and repentive response. This was fine until the action was repeated the next week. The associate pastor in this story determined that he needed to contact his elder board to discuss appropriate steps. This man received a copy of my word from my dear friend., without my knowledge, request or consent (which is fine) and that copy made it to the unrepentant pastor, who took it upon himself to call Britton and tell him I was unfit. Here is that infamous word. Read it for what it's worth. DO NOT try to run your life by it, or spend time sorting it out, it won't work. Either the things will happen, the people will repent and avoid them, or I am a crazy lunatic for even sharing this in such an open forum and completely delusional and wrong in what I feel I heard.

Disclaimer: I do not know who any of the unnamed people or groups are. This is not a judgment from me, only a surprising revelation I feel I heard from God and did not want to share at all, but has been made public through the circumstances outlined above. I thought I should at least explain myself.

For those of you who don't know anything about prophecy, you might want to read 1st Corinthians 14 before proceeding.

This is what I hear God saying regarding the Edge Church and the current situation that we
find ourselves in:

First it is essential that all the sin be taken care of, in every one's life. All willing sin needs to be repented of immediately because a test is coming and only those who are pure in heart will survive it. God is going to shake us to our very foundation, the hard part hasn't even started yet.

There will be six weeks of calm, starting now, this is a breather. After this the waves will hit one after the other, six total waves, each larger than the last. They will come in two week intervals and cannot be expected or prepared for, but they are coming. During this time heroes will arise in your midst to shore up the walls and make the community safe. You will not even lose one sheep that is rightly set in this pasture, not even one, so don't concern yourself with those who leave, in this season, there will be time to go after them later.

Once this twelve weeks is done, the wall will be complete, it will be time for teaching to return to the house. The spirit of Ezra will arise and men will be established as those who understand and rightly divide my word. They are going to build a deeper foundation under these walls than was ever there to begin with. They will reestablish the forms of worship and sacrifice that I have ordained for this house, and I will bring the leaders I want in this house, your job is to discern which ones are of me, and which are for themselves. There will be those coming who hear my voice, but choose to ignore it, do not let them in, even for a moment, they are dangerous.

At the end of this time, the calm will return. Do not assume that you should wait, that is the time to gear up and be ready for an influx of people. There is going to be three major iceberg type scandals that will rock three major mega-churches that have a presence here. They are not your concern, do not warn them, that is being taken care of. There are three and many, many bodies will be thrown into the water. Your job will be as a lifeboat to row out into the water and locate those that want to be rescued and bring them to safe harbor. Those that do not are to be left alone, if they resist at all leave them alone. I am still dealing with those.

Incorporate these new members into your community but do not trust them with the sheep. Some of them are still too steeped in the methods of these other houses to be of use, they will kill your sheep. They need time to come around, to recover from the things they have been taught. Do not listen to their ideas, they are not from me, they are part of what has destroyed these other houses.

In time to come, one or more of the dethroned leaders will wash up on your door step, water logged, looking for a home. Do not take him into your fellowship. Keep him close, but not inside. Offer him aid, but give him no opportunity to speak or share. That is part of my dealing with him. His pride will still be such that he is a wounding force. Nurse him back to health, he will be integral in what comes next.

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