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Ten Things my Evangelical Pastors Didn’t Tell Me About the Bible

I grew up fundy, I’ve had to face it. I’ve tried to put all kinds of spins on it, conservative, mainline traditional, but facts are facts, and although I didn’t see it,
and still don’t remember my parents or grandparents as cruel, or hateful in any  way, that’s what it was.

From the time I was born until the age of fourteen, my dad was a Church of Christ preacher. I never experienced any kind of racism, or bigotry, toward

anyone who came into the congregations where he preached, or in our home. Everyone was welcome, no matter their heritage,  status, “orientation”

or “lifestyle” ( I use these terms in quotes, because this is the language that was used to describe the “others”) they were always treated with love and

respect and we tried to help everyone we could.
That being said, there was a fair bit of proselytizing, which only makes sense in the circumstances, but never any condemnation from them toward

anyone that I witnessed,. Regardless of their beliefs. Maybe this is why I was ab…

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