Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Surviving the Fall

It's all part of the curse. No, really, according to scripture the world was supposed to work the way we think it should. You know, work hard doing something valuable, succeed. Become a greedy good for nothing bastard who cares for nothing but money, rot in jail. But we couldn't follow one lousy rule, so now things suck every now and then.

Today was rather more now than then in my life. For the past fifteen years I have been directing youth theatre for a company I was once a member of myself. For more than twenty years it changed hands from one owner to the next always providing opportunity for whoever showed up, and doing a pretty good job of entertaining an audience too. Today that ended. We knew it was pretty bad. We'd been losing money for a while, but my wife and kids love theatre almost as much as I do, so we perservered.

We had decided on a number, if that many paying customers walked through our doors today for the first day of class, great, if not,we were through. We had three. Less than ten percent of our minimum. Three, almost a slap in the face. So, we sent them home with a refund and locked the doors. Now what? This has been my life for the past decade and a half, the only job I ever really wanted. Sometimes all we can do is survive the Fall and wait for God to pick us up. Some days just suck out loud!