Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wake me up when its over!

***DISCLAIMER*** the above image does not fully represent my beliefs regarding the president, however, when citizens are being threatened with arrest for peacefully displaying an image it makes a part of me wanna display it, just 'cause I can, I know it's a bit juvenile. By the way for those who don't get the reference the makeup is not, has been suggested by some, a racist statement referring to the makeup worn in minstrel shows, but rather a representation of the Heath Ledger Joker makeup from his controversial portrayal of said character in the latest batman movie.
Okay, I am about to make a statement that I believe to be Gospel Truth with a capitol "T" and that rhymes with "P" and that stands for POOL, We Got Trouble, Right here in River City... now, where was I? Right! Please read and consider the following fully before you pull the plug and throw your monitor out the window.

Human Authority, in any form by its very nature is only good for one thing, limiting the liberty of another. That's right, parents, yours too! Now, before you overreact, pay attention! I did not say that this is alwas bad. Some limits on personal liberty are not a bad thing. Not allowing your children to play in traffic, for instance, good thing. Locking up people who like to go about whacking other people, good thing! Taking over sixty percent of all the earnings of an entire nation of people just to run government? Priceless! For everything else there's mastercard!
So, in a nutshell, here it is: Since God is the creator and therefore inarguably arbitrar of all freedoms, license etc. And since the aforementioned has granted said license to personal liberty to each and every member of the human race upon birth, I argue that governments, schools, churches, armies, bullies and neighborhood watch presidents have no power to grant any freedom or liberty whatsoever, and furthermore that the only power that one man can wield over another is to place limitations on the liberty granted him by Almighty God!
You can quote me on that! (Mark R. Morris, Jr copyright 2009 creative commons license)

When will we learn that appealing to despotic megolamaniacs to get back our freedom, which according to the constitution at least, they never had the right to take in the first place is a bad idea? Dude! Where's my country? (sorry, I know Michael Moore used it first, and a second apology for those of you who will now walk around for a day and a half trying to get his fat face out of your mind) But seriously, why are we even having this conversation? We need medical care, we can't afford it. But instead of just getting a group of us, the customers, to go and talk to the providers we go whining off to Uncle Sam, whose frickin' regulations are the reason it's so d**n expensive in the first place!! What is our #$%^&*#$%^&* problem?

So, on a lighter note, we are now past tax freedom day, yeah! That, for those who don't know is the day every year when we stop working to pay for government and actually make a little something for the fam. It used to take a quarter of our year to pay for the cost of local state and federal government, but under the new improved system we get to give them an extra four months. That's right! You finished working for good old Uncle Sam on or about August eighth of this year. (I did not do the math on this it is borrowed from a talk show host who seemed to have some pretty convincing documentation) So, not only do over forty percent of the working population get a paycheck directly from, or in a contracting capacity with the big guy, the rest of us willingly submit to having our bank accounts pillaged for the privilege of being free!!!!

If this is liberty, give me death!
(again, feel free to quote me)
I still believe that there is no political solution to the word's problems but after six thousand plus years of recorded history is this seriously the best we can do?