Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Kind of Change?: Election 2010

“God gave us the ten commandments and the Constitution and I think it's time we get back to both of them”- Caller to the Eggman Show during election coverage, OKC, Nov. 2nd 2010.

I heard this “brilliant” statement from the lips of a man who had absolutely no idea what either document was about and it pretty much sums up the attitude of many Americans today. Well it's a load of crap! And I am not talking about which side won, I couldn't care less, because there is not a butt hair's worth of difference between them.

Yes, I voted. But mostly because there were state questions that I believed would be astronomically bad for our state, not because I was excited by the great conservative revival, I lived through the last one! Remember? Remember when JC Watts was the most quoted man in America and good ole Newt Gingrich was the great white hope who was going to lead us back to the promised land? Remember?

And where have we come since then? Have we made any headway on abortion, divorce or public education? NO! And we certainly cannot claim any victories for the good guys when it comes to the economy.

As for liberty, we now have metal detectors in every public building in America. We have legal wiretaps without warrant, prohibited items lists at our post offices and “no fly” lists at our airports. Not only is our government bigger and badder than ever before, with less accountability, but the private sector is more and more in league with them.

Every day we hear of more police brutality. Our armed forces are in more conflicts and the suicide rates are nearly identical to what they were in 1990, even with 20 times as many anti-depressants being handed out like gumballs! Why???

I think the answer lies in this man's statement, the belief that the United States is somehow sacred, necessary to God's plan, and deserving of not only our allegiance, but the sacrifice of our very lives to prolong its reign over the nations of the earth. Let's face some truth. While personal choice is at an all time high, personal liberty is at an all time low. We are living in one of the most oppressive authoritarian societies that has ever existed.

When else in history has a man needed the permission of his government to build a fence on his own land? When else has government been so invasive that they restrict the sale of children's fast food meals with toys? (SF CA) I just received a letter informing me of a $1500 per person fine for my defunct company for not filing W9s -not, mind you, refusing to file tax returns- when I do not now, nor have I ever, had employees.

Unless this new congress will spend the next four years doing nothing but repealing bad laws that were put in place by their various predecessors, what good will any “change” do? Are they brave enough to slash unnecessary government jobs when everyone is convinced that new “jobs” are the biggest part of a solution for our economy? Will they really balance the budget, not just find some magical formula that makes it appear that we have a surplus? Or, will they go to Washington and find new special interests to cater to, create more new laws (which by the way, a law does nothing but restrict God given liberty, by its very nature) and find new ways to play the great political shell game of moving the money from one program to the next, without one thought of actual, meaningful cuts in government spending? We all know the answer.

We have all witnessed the fact that the political bus that is the United States Government is careening downhill without a driver, and we all know that unless we put a complete stop to its course it will inevitably crash. It is no longer enough to slow it down. Its weight is too great. It is top heavy with laws and regulations, bloated on the tax dollars of its citizens and drunken with the belief that being the only “super power” entitles it to run over whatever comes into its path without stopping to think of the morality of it.

Okay, take a breath and get back to what you were originally going to say.....The constitution, whatever its virtues may be, was not handed down from the mountain. This misguided individual, who equated the two, obviously has never read the book of Exodus. Here's the difference.

When the children of Israel came out of Egypt it was something that was foretold by God to Abraham over 400 years previous to its eventual happening. Their Exodus was proceeded by several major miracles and ten plagues! God led Moses to a specific mountain and showed up, in physical form, that was witnessed by the entire nation of Israel, as if the mountain were on fire. God wrote the original ten commandments with HIS OWN FINGER -according to scripture- and gave them to Moses.

In contrast, the constitution was written by committee, in ink, on paper. There was more than one revision, in fact the “original” has one of the revisions blotted out underneath it! We hold these truths to be self not the utterance of a Supreme Being. It is the best ideas of a group of men, some of whom were arguably under the influence of God at the time, but it cannot, should not, must not be compared to Holy Scripture.

No matter how much we “get back to it”, it cannot make us righteous, even the law was powerless to do that. Here is what it takes. It takes a people who are so seeking the face of God that they lose track of what men are doing in other places. They are so seeking the good of those around them, in community with them, that politics becomes nothing but a background noise. We have given them far too much power. Too much time. Too much energy. We have worried about their ideas, feared their decisions and cursed their laws. Many of us have spent more time this year in conversation, trying to persuade people of a political ideology than we have seeking those who are lost to share the good news of Jesus with.

Seek first the Kingdom of God (hint, not the United States) and all His righteousness and all these things will be added to you. (food, clothing and shelter)

Be anxious in nothing, but in everything, with prayer and supplication, make your requests made known to God. And the peace of Christ, which passes all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge him, and he will direct your paths.


Anonymous said...

Good word Mark. I'm not sure I agree that this is the most "oppressive" gov't system we've seen thus far but it is definitely headed in that direction. I am in full agreement though that we need not waste our energy on things of this world when the eternal sets before us. Very encouraging.

Mark R. Morris, Jr said...
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Mark R. Morris, Jr said...

I would agree, except that my remark was "one of the most", and that I stand behind.