I'm Baaack! Some of You May Not Like It!

I have been battling the urge to return to this blog regularly for a long time. I think it’s time. Not because I think anything I have to say is terribly unique, there are others out here that feel as I do and can probably even say it better, but the voice of liberty bears repeating. It needs to be repeated as many times, and as often and as loudly as possible, especially when it is resisted in the way it is right now!

So, I am going to be throwing my thoughts out here with a few simple goals in mind, so if you want to judge my work, use whatever standard suits you, but here is what I am trying to achieve.
1.       Clarify my own thoughts and sometimes the best way for me to do that is to type them out and read them. May sound weird to you, but that’s how it works for me. I often don’t really know how I feel or think on an issue until I talk about it.
2.       Fight the decline of freedom. We are in a period that history teaches us could be the prelude to a very dark period. We are swinging into a totalitarian mentality. For the past 240 years, America has still maintained some semblance of peace for most of its citizens, but that may not be true very soon.
3.       To learn more, and please correct me when I’m wrong. Not, in that superior way that people with shallow knowledge do, but as one wisdom seeker to another, when you think you see a clearer path, share it with me.
4.       To hopefully wake up more people. I have been in a sleep walking state myself most of my adult life, engaged in artistic endeavors and attempting to ignore the political and social realm, except to comment on them from the safety of a theatrical director’s chair.
5.       To forward an agenda. What is my agenda? I am fighting for an open government. No, that is not the final solution, but transparency is what will bring about change. People have to be confronted with what is actually going on in ways they cannot deny before they start to get it.
To that end, I’m going to be sharing a ton of stuff in the near future. Yeah, you won’t agree with all of it. I don’t care, except in that you engage in the debate. You tell me what you think. Think I’m wrong as I can be? Great! Let’s talk about it, and when you prove to me that I was wrong, then I’ll write about that! The TRUTH is what matters to me, not anyone system, or team, or feelings. I want to live in a world with optimum government, whatever that ends up looking like, and I can see  a few things that it doesn’t and I am going to attack those.
What you won’t see here is me pulling punches. Too much false “civility” being paraded in politics today. If I think someone is a coward, or a thief, or a liar,  I’ll say it. I’ll say it, or to their face. I am not an idolater, so what you think of me when I speak the truth may hurt, but I’m not interested in protecting anyone’s public persona of they are dirty. Period.
As I continue with my political writing projects with other activists and grassroots groups, I am learning more and more every day and it’s just simply time for me to voice my own opinions. In short order you will either laugh every time my name is mentioned, or you’ll be angry. I’m not looking for middle ground. We have compromised and accepted less than the best for 240 years! Time for a Change!


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