Thursday, November 13, 2014

When I Talk to Myself, Here's What I say!

I talk to myself, a lot. Yeah, I know that is suppose to be a bad thing, but I know myself better than anyone else does, and recently, I have found a way of doing this that actually seems to be helpful. The idea came to me from reading "The Artist's Way" (a book I highly recommend, by the way) the author said she asks herself questions in her journaling, and then thinks through her own response, putting herself at a distance, away from the chaos of circumstances, and writes out her answer. 

This appealed to me for a couple of reasons; first, I have tried to start mentoring relationships in the past to ask these questions and have found that they typically do not end well. Then I feel abandoned, and fine myself further off track than before, but I still need advice. With my Mother gone from this life, my Dad in the Philippines, and most of the older generation of my family either gone on before, or scattered across the country, it is hard for me to find people further down the road who have a vested interest in my success. 

Second, I give great advice. No, really, I can count at least a dozen people who have sough other careers, gone to school, started a business, found  the love of their lives, and have said to me, "It was that thing you said." that made them move forward. But, I still feel stuck! So, I decided to try it, and I am not sure why I decided to share it here, but.....

Here is a little of what I have said to myself lately, mostly regarding work. I left a few names out, because my questions were personal, but I think you still get the gist. Turns out I give pretty good advice, 

Hey, Mark, what do I need to ask xxxx about, or for, in this meeting today?

Start with telling him why you think he can help, tell him about the venues, and ask him to tell you what questions you should be asking. Let him steer the conversation. Don't do your usual, try to impress thing. This guy is the real deal. He could make or break this idea if he is interested in it. Do not expect anything. Remove getting a solution from your mind. There is no solution, there are only ideas.

How can I build up a resume' writing clientelle, Mark?

Build your website, write things about writing. Look for the opportunities, there are bigger things than resume's don't get stuck on that. Offer it, sure, it pays good, but you are not excited about resume's write what excites you in writing, and entrepreneurial stuff and law of attraction stuff. Keep it exciting for you, and just have fun. Don't post anything to make an impression and DO NOT DO ANY KEYWORD RESEARCH. That is the road to whoredom, the way to ruin writing for yourself. Keep it going, write every single day, at least once, whether you have anything to say, or not.

What should I do about the carpentry stuff, Mark?

Take what comes. Don't go looking for more right now. There are other opportunities right around the corner, this is where we make our successful break for our real destiny! Let your work speak for you. If you get referrals, handle them like the absolute pro you would be if you slowed down and focused solely on the work, not the money!

What do I need to do to make my destiny come faster?

You know the answer to this, I am not sure why you are asking. You stick to the program. You kick off that social media campaign you wrote, for every page you want to succeed, and you keep doing it, you don't stop. If you put up enough good stuff, without worrying about keywords, or trying to fit some audience, real, genuine stuff, it will happen! You will attract attention, you cannot fail. Good, rich content, shared regularly will get you there. Focus on making each piece you write the best it can be.

What do I do with the spiritual side of me?

You know this! Stop thinking of it as a “side” combine your life, do not compartmentalize. Decompartmentalization is the only way to be a whole human being!

Hey, Mark, I need to write another industry application for xxxxxxxx. What should I say about self publishing and digital publishing?

Tell them how excited you are by the opportunity.

I need to make $500 today. What should I do?

You should stop changing plans, just because the need is urgent, wisdom dictates that prudent action is prudent action, regardless of the circumstances. Your moment is secure. Now, go secure your future and stop playing at this shit!

If you try this yourself, make sure you do it in private. One of my kids saw me doing it the other day, and apparently, I was using gestures and expressions, even though I was not vocalizing, as I typed. Let me know how that goes!

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