Thursday, March 12, 2009

What puts the "fun" in fundamentalism?

Here's where I stand. I believe that God created the World, then sent His only begotten Son to save all of mankind from the consequences of their sin. I believe that it is our option to accept this salvation or not. I believe in the inspiration of scripture, the covenants of baptism and communion, the eternal life of Christ's followers and the eternal damnation of hell. This is about as far as I go when it comes to stating absolutes. 

Most "believers" that I have known are much more comfortable with their ability to judge right and wrong in broad categories. I have frequently been party to conversations where entire sectors of society were thrown under the bus regarding their eternal destination and in times past I, God forgive me will probably be guilty again in the future, have even been known to throw a stone or two myself. Slowly but surely I am becoming aware of a Truth that had hitherto been hidden from me. There is a serious danger in subscribing to any form of fundamentalism.

Yes, that's right it's dangerous! Why? Let's see, where to begin? First, all forms of fundamentalism are inherently flawed in that they can not be representative of God's thoughts. They are all based on the moral judgements and values of men.

One of the most convincing arguments that many non-believers cast at the Bible is that God seems a bit schizophrenic from time to time. Now we believe (or I do and you should check this out for yourself) that God is inherently unchanging and as such is incapable of conducting themself in a manner that is inconsistent with His character. So, we realize that if there is an apparent contradiction in God's actions that either: we don't have all the info, or it is beyond our current capacity to analyze. 

So, God has the perspective to make judgements and take action based on a complete knowledge of all time, all people and all things. He makes these judgements frequently on a case by case basis. Seemingly allowing certain people to get away with things he destroys others for. So, since there is no definable pattern to God's judgements (notice I did not say "No Pattern") why do we think that we are capable of making blanket judgements regarding others behavior?

So, the next time you think you know what God thinks about somebody, or their sin, why not ask him? I think some times that disciples of today are too afraid to trust their own conscience and ability to hear God in that still small voice, relying rather on "their own understanding" (which could mean interpretation of scripture, could it not?) than on the voice of a living God. If you find yourself tempted to buy that next "What God's Word Says About...fill in the blank" save yourself $25 and ask him your self. He gave you a brain, and a heart, use them!

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