Thursday, September 2, 2010

His Side, Her Side and the Truth

Three sides, there are always three sides to every story. Her side; his side; and the truth.

Through some very interesting discussions with some old friends on facebook, I have been awakened to a fundamental shift in my thinking. They are of a much more conservative bent than I find myself to be in at the moment and are very adamant that what needs to happen is that the claws of the current leaders need to be removed from the throat of the eagle that represents this great republic so she can scream freedom once again. I tend to agree, that politically I am not all that comfortable with the way things are heading. I am not inclined to agree wholesale with their philosophy because I have fundamental differences of opinion on several levels.

First, they operate with the understanding that the political ideal they see most closely aligned with the Word of God is conservatism. Second, they believe that since conservatism, from their perspective, is closely related to the will of God that the opposing point of view must be diametrically opposed to it. This, my brilliant friend Dr. Barret Huddleston, Phd. Informs me, is called oppositional thinking.

This theory works well, as long as you are able to determine which is the right side to be on and then allow the other party to play the opposition. Otherwise you end up being led around by the nose opposing whatever absurd stand this other person takes, even if it seems to be in agreement with your own philosophy, you cannot agree, because if they are right, then who is wrong?

In the political climate, as it stands today, the Democrats stand on the liberal side of the proverbial, and literal, aisle and the Republicans stand on the conservative side. We stand there and throw stones at each other, we are not even trying to drag one another across the line, because then where would we be? It is a stalemate, designed to stay that way.

What about other options? There must be another way than what these two largest groups are saying. That, we are told, is political suicide. Don't vote your conscience, you will only be throwing away your vote, because one of the two will win anyway. Here's a question. If, as a believer in Jesus, I do not vote my conscience when it comes to something as important as who makes the choices that may effect my grandchildren then pardon my french, but, when the hell do I use it?

The “right” is working under three assumptions: A: God is interested in preserving the American constitution and political system. B: The system can be saved, and C: Things will be better if we put it back the way it was.

What if we put it back the way it was and we find that there was a lot wrong with this whole enchilada? (not saying there is, just asking) What if we tear the claws away from the throat of the eagle and hear a gobble instead of the grand scream we were all expecting? I know that many conservatives pride themselves on being Truth seekers.

In my experience this is true of them to a point. That point is this: Once they have become convinced of something's veracity. No matter how little evidence, experiential, Biblical or otherwise there is to support it, and no matter how much evidence there is stacked up on the other side that they may even agree with, a one legged man in a butt kicking contest would have a better chance of winning than you have of convincing them to give up their belief. Oppositional thinking.

I am not suggesting that the liberals have been right all along. Dear God, I hope not. But maybe there is a third option, or a fourth even, that we have not explored. I know what you are going to say “Tea Party” but I think that ship has sailed. I think the big idea people have taken it over and it will soon look the same as the other two and then pass out of existence due to its own irrelevance.

What if we all got off? What if we let them duke it out between each other and just loved on both sides? What if neutrality, rather than the sign of weakness many have taken it for, is rather a sign of a man who knows that he is not destined for this world and its kingdoms anyway? I have eight children so my legacy is already assured. I will have an impact in this world for good or for evil (I'm working for good) no matter what the politicians decide to do with it.

So, I am asking God what he wants. As Jesus prayed in the garden. Lord, if it be your will that this great nation survive and thrive, then let it be! But not what I want, your will be done! Have you asked him? Really asked him? And then sat long enough for your own voice to stop ringing in your ears to listen for the still small voice? If you have and you are convinced that you are still right, go for it. More power to ya! But I think there are a lot of people who got on the bus because they saw people they wanted to be associated with, the right kind of people, getting on the bus.

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